Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Romney - I really hate Massachusetts

Ace asks how Mitt Romney will square the circle - how is Romneycare good but Obamacare bad?
One question I asked during the podcast, which I Twittered to Jen Rubin, is what argument shall we who campaigned hard against ObamaCare and specifically against its most politically and constitutionally infirm strut -- the individual mandate -- take into the general election, should Romney be our candidate? What argument do we make that indicts Obama and yet spares Romney?
Much opposition with Obama starts with the health care reform - the bullying through Congress, bending rules to get it passed and basically lying about the numbers to make the cost work.
Obamacare is like a computer virus - destroying what's good about American health care and not coming close to delivering its promises.
What argument can work against Obamacare without taking Romney down with it?
If only the right person - Romney - were running everything?
If Romney said his health care was payback for Massachusetts electing Ted Kennedy so many times, he might make some headway.

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