Friday, December 23, 2011

More geniuses?

Blue Virginia tries to put the best possible face on the EPA's new Mercury rules - all of our IQs will increase with less mercury pollution.
If that's the only variable, you can say we have more geniuses.
But look at all the other factors.
How much will it cost to reduce the current levels to this new "creating geniuses" level?
The $10 billion a year to meet the standards has to come from somewhere. Could help education children.
Or jobs will be lost with the money moving to meet this standard. Thus people will not have the children they could have had with jobs. That's taking potential geniuses away from the future.
If mercury exposure is bad, why does the EPA mandate you bring it into your homes with CFL bulbs?
If a certain percentage of the population is destined to become a genius (the underlying thought praising the new standard), then how many geniuses have we lost to abortion?
We need to enforce abortion restrictions right now, to create the needed geniuses for the future.
Someone aborted 35 years ago might be the genius we've been looking for to create green energy that really works.
We'll never know.

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