Monday, December 12, 2011

D'Antoni Day

Concord University honored one of its own Saturday - 97-year-old Lewis D'Antoni.
D'Antoni coached numerous years at West Virginia high schools, and two of his boys couldn't be there for the game - they are New York Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni and his brother Dan. Getting ready for a season in two weeks - and dad has good words for his sons' team.
They have done great. I knew that they were going to be good coaches, because they grew up with a basketball in their hands, in a house where basketball was always around.”
He said, “They wanted to coach together all their lives, so they finally got together, in New York City — which has been tough.
“The three years Mike has been there, they’ve traded off all their players. They’ve changed the roster. He didn’t have much chance of coaching them.
“This year, I think they’re going to a little more stable and going to have better ball players, and I think he’s going to do real well this year.”

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