Monday, December 12, 2011

Stooges and political stooges

DaTech Guy features the trailer for the upcoming Three Stooges movie.
And follows with a post about giving to political stooges.
Why do people give to lousy candidates when they could get more bang for their blog supporting bloggers?
DaTech Guy is trying to keep the wolf from the door (and cannoli on the table) while writing about conservative issues he cares about. Things that can make our lives better now and into the future.
Meanwhile, the left is throwing money at the Occupy tents and occupiers who don't have a mortgage to worry about.
Anybody can give to establishment candidates. There's plenty of them at the receptions, hoping to find their way to big parties.
Just a few visionary moneymen could seed money for the conservative blogosphere, and be remembered for their contribution for years in the future. Instead of a fleeting handshake from a politician on the way out.
It's just under a month until the New Hampshire primary. Money can help spread your word through the internet, or just go from you through the politician to some TV station - without really leaving a trace.
Make your mark, and make it hard to erase.
Hit the tip jar, since Sheetz doesn't give breakfast away.

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