Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bolling vs. Cuccinelli, part one

The failure of Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry to get on the Virginia primary ballot has devolved into a proxy battle - the establishment vs. outsiders.
Outsiders for not getting enough voters on their petitions.
Or outside because a stricter rule went into effect a few months ago.
Outsider with friends, since a two-candidate primary is just silly.
Maybe Gingrich's and Perry's failure to reach the petition requirements says more bad things about us than them. When the Tea Party has fired up the electorate, how come more candidates made the ballots in the past?
Republicans are excited about ending Obama's presidency. But not excited enough to sign petitions?
If your candidate made the cut, it's easy to knock his foes.
When you can't vote for your candidate in March, it's a knock against you.
It's not good to aim at Gingrich and Perry, and instead slam potential voters.
The proxy war may be the first skirmish of the 2013 battle for the governorship.
Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling supports Romney, who made the ballot.
Ken Cuccinelli stands back, questioning the process. Which he has experience with, and plans to do again. And again and again.
It's great to follow the rules. But when that leaves just two choices, it's time to admit the law has failed us. Not just go along.


Just a conservative girl said...

Yeah, but is it right to change it midstream? I am not sure. To me changing the rules because you don't like the results is a leftist tactic that I abhor.

I am very disappointed that I have two choices (neither of which I care for), but that is what I have. If you let Perry and Newt back on, what about the other three?

smitty1e said...

"The proxy war may be the first skirmish of the 2013 battle for the governorship."

Precisely my thought. And Cooch wins this round, by having clean hands. So far.