Monday, December 5, 2011

Cuccinelli - who leaked?

The biggest news of the weekend is Ken Cuccinelli's announcement that he'll run for governor in 2013.
Why announce now?
Right before the Republican Advance, when top Republicans gather to go Bowling with Bolling?
With this timing, who leaked the news?
A friend?
A Cuccinelli foe, forcing his hand?
The timing doesn't seem to help Cuccinelli - not even halfway through his term.
With a gathering of Bolling supporters from across the state looming.
It's going to be an interesting battle, but Cuccinelli seems to have started on the wrong foot.

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smitty1e said...

I'm a fan, but I could be a bigger one if Cooch focuses on ObamaCare, the EPA, and making sure Michael Mann gets maximal flogging.
Hopefully it's just a trial balloon, and the universal dull thud of this leak will convince him that, sure, he's running for governor--in 2017.