Monday, May 10, 2010

Kagan hits a grounder to Grandpa John

The Chicago Sun-Times has a picture of Elena Kagan batting in softball.
Grandpa John has had a long career at shortstop to the north in Janesville.
Hard hit grounder. Is Kagan safe or out?
You make the call.
UPDATE: I sent the post to Troglopundit, and he noticed I accidently put a link to the Other McCain (from the previous post) instead of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Wonder if there's any photos out there of Stacy or Smitty playing softball?


Steve Burri said...

For all sports gamblers out there: Listen to Mike's advice. He predicted that River Hills would be stomped by Faith Community and... was he ever right!

Kagan's grounder took a bad hop which I took in the chops, but we gunned her down trying to take second!

Obi's Sister said...