Friday, May 7, 2010

Close to home

The University of Virginia women's lacrosse team is in Towson, Maryland this weekend. Mourning and saying goodbye to Yeardley Love.
And close to the site of another murder involving a lacrosse player.
In February, 2008, 15-year-old Nicholas Browning fatally shot his father. Then his mother. And two younger brothers. The shootings happened just north of Towson.
The younger Browning played lacrosse, as did his father John - a high school contemporary of mine. The elder Browning and my family rode the same bus to high school.
I never played lacrosse - when a sixth-grade teacher told of being hit in the back with a stick and peeing blood for a week, that took my interest away. Lots of Marylanders do, across all parts of society.
Bad people do bad things. Others make the same sports choices without causing so much harm.

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