Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Which way now, Progressives?

In Tuesday's primary, the most progressive gubernatorial candidate finished last with 24 percent.
The most progressive candidate for Lt. Governor finished with 21 percent, more than 50 percent behind the winner.
This in a primary that should have drawn the most-dedicated, interested party members throughout the state. Not a good night for the Progressive brand on the Democratic aisle.
Sure, Brian Moran would have done better if Terry McAuliffe hadn't entered the race. But if Moran were a better candidate, then McAuliffe wouldn't have been so attracted to the race. Attracted like a 10-year-old girl looking at a Jonas Brothers display.
I saw a comment last night how Deeds needs to now reach out to progressives. I suggest he use President Obama's line to Republicans in January - "I won."
Progressives should know what that means.

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