Friday, June 12, 2009

Democrats' fatal flaw

Just read Blue Virginia's analysis about the Republicans. Some interesting points, but a major problem. Democrats need middle class Republicans to pay for their programs.
When there's money, you can promise people things to get their vote. When money's tight like it is now, you'll have unhappy people. Unhappy at your broken promises. Which will make them more receptive to a party focused on cutting government back to a managable size.
Remember the Tea Parties? That's the way back. If the traditional Republican party doesn't pick up the torch, something new will grab these overburdened taxpayers who don't want to take it anymore.
The young will be the easiest to peel away from Obama and the Democrats. Wait until they see the bill they've been handed by previous generations. Democrats will still point to Republican failures, but there will be more obvious Democratic failures to see.
When Social Security runs out of real money and has to rely on its IOUs, then the Bible-believers with big families will get more respect. You don't insult the people you're depending on to work and pay taxes for your retirement needs.
Immigration is always a tough thing. We've been lucky enough to have been born in the United States, a land of unbelievable riches. No wonder millions of people fight and claw their way to this country.
Those who work hard are welcomed. Those who come to grab government aid won't have the incentive to come if there's no money to give.
Republicans want to help others, and want to make a better future for our children. The consultants have to get up to speed with the new political dynamic building in this country.

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