Thursday, October 12, 2017

Not Fighting, Losing

Still think NFL players should protest during the national anthem?
Does the NFL?
The league wants the players to stand for the anthem, but it also doesn’t want to trample on their rights to free expression, even as it quietly changed its policy to allow for the punishment of anthem protestors, but please be aware it hasn’t actually punished anyone, never mind that the new policy can easily be weaponized to keep some players from demonstrating, but don’t you know the players are not actually required to do anything during the anthem, okay?Confused? You should be. There’s no logic or consistency to what the NFL is doing, which is in keeping with its efforts to make certain issues a league problem while making others a team concern. As always, what matters most is public relations and keeping the owners happy. Expect that to be the guiding principle at next week’s league meeting in New York City, where the issue will be “front and center,” according to NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart.

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