Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Goodell asks for running time

When a youth, high school or college football game gets out of hand, the losing coach will sometimes ask for running clock.
No clock stoppage for incomplete passes or running out of bounds.
Get the game over before somebody gets hurt.
The NFL asked for running time in the Anthem battle today.
The league is trying to extricate itself from a bad situation of its own making. But it is a coyote ugly situation of race identification and entitlement, one that has been at least 350 years in the making.
Coyote ugly is when you are trapped with a person so ugly that you want to gnaw off your leg to escape, as legend has coyotes doing when their foot is caught in a trap.
After watching ratings drop and hearing fans boo, a few owners decided to crack down on kneeling instead of rising for the national anthem.

The sports media told us there was unity among athletes two weeks ago.
How's that going?

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