Sunday, October 8, 2017

Have a problem with silencers? I can't hear you

Via Ace, Larry Correia explains why Congress is trying to make it easier to get silencers for gun users.
If you’ve ever been around a really loud bang, you may have noticed that afterwards your ears ring. I’ve got some bad news for you, that ringing means you’ve permanently damaged your hearing. When that fades you will have lost some measure of hearing, and hearing damage is permanent and cumulative. The more of these loud bangs you are exposed to, the greater the damage. It will never get better. It will only continue to get worse.
I was a firearms instructor for about a decade and spent a lot of time running ranges and teaching people. I was religious about wearing my hearing protection, but if you spend enough time on the range you will be caught unaware eventually and somebody is going to touch something off right after you take your muffs off.
People who want it easier to get silencers aren't ignoring your points.
They can't hear you well.
Hang out at the gun range and you'll understand.

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