Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Obama's lullabye

Roger L. Simon tries to figure out why President Obama won't admit ISIS is Islamic.
He's not a Muslim himself.  He claims to be a Christian (in the Reverend Wright tradition) and is actually a post-modern agnostic who almost never goes to church, except for political purposes.  But he is a Muslim by emotion, by childhood attachment to his days in an Indonesian madrasa when his father, and later his mother, abandoned him.  The morning cry of the muezzin, he has told us, is the most moving sound on Earth to him. It undoubtedly reassured him.
Unfortunately,  what soothed Barack as a youth turns out to be a death scream of seventh century tribalism for the rest of us. He can't countenance that, so he has to disconnect the carnage of ISIS, etc. from the ideology that drives it.

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