Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's November, Jeb

Back when Donald Trump moved to the early lead in Republican polling, it was summer.
Months to go before Iowa.
The voters would get serious, look at the issues and trend toward thoughtful candidates.
Like Jeb Bush.
It's now three months since the first debate in early August.
Trump still stands tall.
Jeb's summer troubles still remain - having money and establishment backing doesn't appear to be what this year's electorate wants.
Touting your money and backing reminds those voters why they turned away from you.
Touting your experience working to get things done doesn't attract those who don't trust the other side - led by Hillary Clinton - to work together without a fight.
Those wanting change don't expect that from the candidate who depends on those running the show.
If Trump and Carson aren't going to implode, what's Jeb's path to the top?

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