Thursday, November 19, 2015

FDR killed Anne Frank

The liberals at Addicting Info want to blame America for the death of Anne Frank.
Her family was trying to get out of Europe when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and closed the door.
Who was president in 1941?
Not an isolationist Republican, but Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Democrats ran the government prior to the war.
I guess history is hard.
Especially this laughable sentence.
Frank was issued a visa by Cuba on December 1, 1941 (yes, that evil nation of Communists conservatives hate), but it was canceled 10 days later when Germany declared war on the United States.
Dudes, Castro wasn't leading Cuba in 1941.
The island wasn't communist then.
It was less than 50 years after the United States - led by Republicans - went to war with Spain to give Cuba its independence.
That doesn't stop Addicting Info from spreading its bad information.

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