Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Beginning of chaos or end of days

Roger L. Simon moves his focus off the Supreme Court and onto the looming Iran nuclear deal.
Obama is about to hand nuclear weapons to the Iranians who are well on their way to building ICBMs that can reach Chicago, if they haven’t already.  A nuclear-armed Iran is ultimately more dangerous than the Soviet Union because some of its leaders, at least, believe in a fanatical religious system that has no fear of armageddon.  Good-bye mutually assured destructions.
At the same time,  that new caliphate (and that’s what it is) the Islamic State, aka the jayvee team, is celebrating its first anniversary, raping, throwing homosexuals off towers,  lopping the heads off Christians and performing acts of unspeakable barbarity we haven’t head since the days of Dr. Mengele.  They control a territory the size of New Jersey.  Obama has no strategy.  (Other than the other side wins.) Are we going to wait until they blow up the Mall of America?

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