Monday, June 22, 2015

A gathering place for loners

Jane the Actuary notes the parallels between ISIS and the Charleston shooter.
There are superficial, or maybe even substantial, similarities between teens running off to join ISIS after being enticed by recruiting materials online, and this kid deciding, after reading the news online through the lens of racist groups, to start a “race war” (though there’s a certain “small bit of good news” that he felt as if he didn’t have anyone with whom he could make common cause).  The shooter, from all reports, wasn’t raised by an openly-racist family, any more than, at least as reported, ISIS-joining teens weren’t raised in radical jihadist families.
The web spreads good news, and also bad.

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edutcher said...

Hold that thought, she may be on to something.

I've been saying it may well turn out the little creep had more in common with William Ayers than David Duke.

A lot of his "manifesto" is more Left than Right.

The kid was a loner, but he did know some people. Be interesting to find out who.