Monday, June 8, 2015

Where not to spend senior week

Some high school graduates head to ocean beaches after the ceremonies.
I don't think there's a beach at Middle River Regional Jail.
Graduation at Wilson Memorial brought force charges that six people - including several graduates - about a Friday abduction of another graduate.
Glick said the victim told authorities he was lifted over a fence by his assailants, and said at one point the bag on his head was removed. Glick said the teen told investigators he witnessed a satanic ritual being performed that involved a circle of candles.
The teen was eventually driven near his home and released, Glick said.
During the Wilson Memorial High School graduation on Saturday, the teen reported the alleged abduction to a school resource officer.
Glick said some of the suspects were rounded up at post-graduation parties. She said a fake gun — an AirSoft handgun that shoots non-lethal plastic pellets — was recovered by investigators.
Some graduates get a quick lesson in real life.

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