Tuesday, June 16, 2015

It's all about the name

Jeb Jones could be the Republican nominee.
Jeb Smith could be the Republican nominee.
Jeb Clampett could be the Republican nominee.
Jeb Bush can't, because of his last name.
He can blame the Florida voters of 1994. If he had won that year, he could have run instead of his older brother.
The time just isn't right either.
The Mitt Romney path to the nomination is not available to him. Bush can’t show up with a fundraising advantage, a professional operation and a resume, then expect to inexorably grind down all the other candidates. Romney could do that in 2012 against an unprepared Rick Perry, an undisciplined Newt Gingrich and an unfunded Rick Santorum. Bush is running against a field that has about a half-dozen candidates who would have been in the top tier last time around.
I will support his son, George P. Bush, when he runs in a few years.
The grandson and nephew of a president has a better chance to reach the Oval House than his father.

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