Monday, February 16, 2015

Prepare for battle

Roger L. Simon sees the signs from Copenhagen.
And looks for someone who also sees the problem.
With each passing day it becomes increasingly clear we are in a huge war of civilizations.  This is a bigger deal than anything since WWII.  Nothing could be more obvious.   That means 2016 is about as serious as it gets.  We need our Churchill fast, but in searching for him (or her) we cannot afford a bloodletting.  We have to treat this as a wartime situation because it is.
Frankly, I haven’t seen a single candidate do that yet. I’m looking for that person.  Everything else is secondary or tertiary.  They’re all irrelevant, even a distraction at this point, if we don’t win the war.  And don’t think we can’t lose.  Our technology is only a small advantage and has already been ripped off and used against us.  The will to win is far more important and our will is next to non-existent, especially at the top.

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