Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Little League protest

Little League International has taken the 2014 United States championship from Chicago's Jackie Robinson West.
Jesse Jackson is upset.
The players won on the field because adults messed with the rules.
But during the investigation by Little League International into boundary issues, Jackie Robinson West's leaders attempted to meet with officials of three nearby leagues, "essentially asking them to give JRW that territory so they could legitimize" the map submitted to the league's governing body,
"Those leagues refused," he said.
The matter came to a head during a meeting in Chicago on Jan. 31, when Jackie Robinson West was found to have annexed areas from the other leagues without their permission. The map had been "redrawn and backdated and signed to make it appear it had been the map used during the entire" tournament, Keener said.
When rules are broken by your group, having Jesse Jackson standing with you doesn't help the image.

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