Thursday, February 5, 2015

Do nothing

Wednesday was a night of big meetings in the area.
In Augusta County, they talked about Dominion's plans for a natural gas line.
In Charlottesville, they debated improvements to U.S. 29 north of town.
Opponents have a message.
Do nothing.
Augusta County landowners don't want gaslines in their areas.
Charlottesville businesses don't like the idea of major construction shutting down their livelihoods for months at a time.
People around the nation need more natural gas.
People in Virginia need a quicker way through Charlottesville.
These improvements are needed.
They must go somewhere.
But no one wants them in their backyard.
The Route 29 bypass could have been built 20 years ago.
But people preferred to do nothing, and pushed the trouble down the road.
Traffic has grown.
The need that was there in the 1990s remains.
Do nothing didn't solve the problem.

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