Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Not as smart as Homer

DaTech Guy wonders if President Obama will squander the good economy he accidently inherited - lower gas prices from a team that wants gas too expensive to use.
President Obama tried to stifle domestic oil production, but instead created the incentive to start fracking on a greater scale. This gave America lower prices and concrete gains in energy independence while also harming enemy petrostates (Venezuela, Russia, Iran) around the globe.
In other words, Barack Obama managed to “pull a Homer.”
But while Homer Simpson and the people of Springfield were satisfied to happily enjoy the fruits of Homer’s accidental success, President Obama is not, according to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg wrote that “The Obama administration said it will issue rules to cut leaks of climate-warming methane, a step the oil and gas industry warned could choke the U.S. energy renaissance fueled by hydraulic fracturing.

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