Sunday, November 9, 2014

Obama's shadow is on the ballot

How does the terrain look for 2016 now?
Politico ask pollsters for their opinions.
Reading between the lines, the battlefield will be the same in 2016 as today.
Do voters like President Obama and his policies or not?
If they like, Democrats have a chance in 2016.
If not, Republicans will have majorities in the House, Senate to go with the White House in 2017.
For all the discussions that Republicans have to get thing done the next two years, it ignores the shadow of Obama.
If Obama doesn't work with them, the negative feelings of gridlock stick to him.
Republicans have two years to express their agenda for the future.
Parts blocked by Obama become reasons to vote for them in 2016.
Parts becoming law become reasons to vote for them in 2016.
Over the past six years, Obama has not taken rejection well.
If that pattern continues, he'll be welcoming a Republican into the White House when he leaves in two years.

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