Saturday, November 15, 2014

What's that smell?

The older brother of one of my high school friends tells the tale of Brussels Sprouts gone bad.
Another brother didn't want to eat the Brussels Sprouts on that night's menu.
He thought he found a spot under a built-in bench to hide them.
He didn't choose wisely.
Jerry's deceit was discovered when, a day or so later, a smell of rotting food began to emanate from beneath the bench, beside the register. As the Brussels sprouts decayed, the rotting was enhanced by the warm air coming out of the heat register. The smell was foul, and there was no way to clean it up, short of completely demolishing the built-in table and bench, which wasn't an option. So we just had to put up with the stench until the Brussels sprouts had completely decayed and stopped stinking.

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