Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Rooting for Hillary

Who might be the Republicans' best friend the next few weeks?
Hillary Clinton.
The one who wants to be president.
Some conservatives worry what kind of executive actions President Obama could take now that he's wounded.
Who's the only person who can slow him down?
Hillary Clinton.
Even if Obama doesn't care about 2016, she does.
She knows what actions will be impossible to defend while she's on the campaign trail.
She knows she's tied to him and his actions.
She can't trash his actions to Obama voters and have a chance to win in 2016.
She can's support his actions and have a chance to win over skeptical voters in 2016.
The more Obama does what he wants - without caring about the outcomes - and more Hillary's chances suffer.
The next few weeks will be fun to watch.

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