Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Joni did right

The Atlantic looks at Democratic woes in Iowa, instead of how Joni Ernst surprised the pundits.
Braley's opponent, state Senator Joni Ernst, has led in five straight public polls, by an average of 2.5 percentage points. His fellow Democratic candidates can relate. In past election years, Democrats have been able to rely on Republicans squandering opportunities thanks to infighting, inept candidates, and campaign missteps. But this year, it is Democrats who have made the mistakes, while the GOP has produced compelling, relatively gaffe-free candidates and unified around them. The national mood continues to darken, and Obama’s approval ratings continue to slide, dragging down Democrats everywhere. And Braley is—for the moment at least—losing to a woman who’s served a single term in the Iowa legislature and who was virtually unknown until a few months ago.
She's known now.
She'll be known in Washington in 2015.

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