Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Throwing team Obama under the bus

The next two weeks promise to be fun - then there will be fun after Election Day.
Democrats are growing increasingly pessimistic about their chances of holding onto the Senate, with most close races trending in the GOP's direction in a nationalized political environment. Republicans are now in position to net more than the six seats necessary to take the majority. Iowa is emerging as a must-win state for Democrats if they want to halt the Republican momentum, and it's a race where Democrats can't afford late-breaking mistakes. A plugged-in Democratic House official said internal polling showed Braley trailing Republican Joni Ernst in all of the state's congressional districts, even those that typically favor Democrats. Democrats are even struggling to hold Braley's House seat.
Glad to see Democrats joining the reality based community.
The reality is Election Day doesn't look good for them.

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