Friday, October 24, 2014

Pass the Buck Friday

While waiting word on which candidate gets featured for Ten Buck Friday this week, I need to check out Democratic Pass the Buck Friday.
If background quotes were votes, they'd be in much better shape.
Democrats also privately gripe that the administration's response to Ebola was too slow, playing directly into a Republican narrative of  Democratic mismanagement. In August, the president's decision to issue a statement about the beheading of journalist James Foley by Islamic militants and then head directly to a golf game was viewed as tone deaf, at best, an assessment shared by the president himself.
But Democrats' biggest outrage stems from a speech Obama gave earlier this month, when a remark that his “policies are on the ballot” turned an economic speech into a potent attack ad. The remark was pre-scripted, further enraging campaign strategists when they learned it was not a spontaneous gaffe. Even friends couldn't defend the comment. “I wouldn't put that line there,” acknowledged the president's campaign guru, David Axelrod, on NBC's “Meet The Press,” calling it a “mistake.”

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