Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pipeline paranoia

You've seen it with the Keystone XL pipeline.
Now that a natural gas pipeline has been proposed for Augusta County, you see the fear of whole endeavor.
Despite multiple pipelines already criss-crossing the country.
The News Leader looks (might be behind paywall) at a pipeline that's been here since the 1930s.
It was improved in the 1970s.
There's constant maintenance for all parts of the pipeline's path, at least twice a year.
Current neighbors aren't bothered by the pipeline near their land.
Probably won't be enough to calm nerves.
There's never enough.


Mike aka Proof said...

Most folk don't realize that the Keystone XL project was an extension of the original Keystone pipeline, approved under Bush, but ironically, built in 2009 under Obama.

You can bet if there had been any problems with that pipeline, it would have been front page news. There wasn't.

Ollie said...

I worked 30 yrs. with pipeline companies & the hyperbole & misinformation being spouted about this subject is ridiculous to say the least. Does anyone realize how many pipelines already criss cross Virginia? I wouldn't have a problem with opponents if they only had some facts to back up their arguments. Instead all I see is nonsense. NIMBY to the max.