Monday, October 6, 2014

Schooling the experts

Connecticut tried to blame homeschooling for the Newtown shooting.
It's time to stomp that thought.
So yes, Adam Lanza’s mother homeschooled him during his high school years. But Nancy Lanza wasn’t trying to prove some political point by homeschooling her son. She was trying to help him, to give him a future, to keep him alive, and to keep his peers safe. The Newtown Public School system was involved every step of the way. “Even after beginning homeschooling, Adam continued to attend Newtown High’s Tech Club meetings,” Solomon writes. Adam’s home curriculum was coordinated with Newtown High so that when he graduated, he received a diploma rather than a G.E.D. Adam Lanza’s homeschooling was a reaction to his illness, not the cause of it.

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