Sunday, December 15, 2013

Look up and appreciate

Ace of Spades has a weekly astronomy post, and this week looks at the reason to look up.
Consider this: the stars you see at night are almost exactly identical to what your parents, grandparents, etc could see. Perhaps the light pollution has blotted out a few, but from a darker site, it's the same. Christmas hasn't exactly been the same for me since the death of my grandmother a few years back. She would occasionally go outside her house in the country, drink in hand, and look up. Knowing my interest in astronomy as a child, she asked me a question I haven't thought about for some time: "do you ever just look up and appreciate it for what it is? I do."
It brought me comfort, looking up in the sky on a clear night last week, that the sky above me is the same as it was when she asked me. It felt like that was a moment frozen in time, and I was experiencing that all over again, but with a greater appreciation that I could have ever possessed twenty years ago. Perhaps there's a loved one no longer physically with you. Go outside on a clear night this week, and do what I did: look up and appreciate it for what it is.

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