Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A real silent night

A repeat from last Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
Hope you are having a great Christmas Eve.
It's hard to understand what people have against the Christmas celebration, trying to change to words to a "inclusive" holiday celebration.
An answer may be found driving around Christmas Eve night.
Stores close early.
No pizza delivery.
The fast food joints are dark.
Just a few stores stay open into the night.
Basically the world goes dark for 24 hours from 6 p.m. Christmas Eve to 6 p.m. Christmas Day.
It's a night to be part of events with family and friends.
If you're not part of that, there's no denying it.
There's not much open to distract you.
Few very places to gather with people who are not part of the family festivities.
It's all Christmas, all the time Christmas Eve night.
Each year, there's a few more places that open on Christmas Day to give you a place to go. Few enough it's a big deal - Starbucks in Waynesboro has had a banner up for weeks noting its Christmas hours.
You can catch a new movie Christmas night but not much else.
Christmas isn't just a holiday.
It's different.
It's a day the whole world stops - for just a moment.
It's the way it's supposed to be - no one who has lived has been like Jesus of Nazareth.
There's no denying it.
Even if you wish to distract the attention of people away from the fact.

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