Sunday, December 22, 2013


With the Phil Robertson saga, the word "homophobia" gets thrown around.
When you're looking for fear, it's on the homosexual side.
They fear the voices of their ancestors.
Everybody alive has ancestors who belief the same thing Phil Robertson said in this interview.
How do you feel about your ancestors?
It's Christmas, a time of tradition. You have pictures of your grandparents holding you as a baby.
The people who held them as babies would agree with Phil Robertson.
The Robertson clan loves their current family, and loves their ancestors who worked hard in the past.
And they want their ancestors' view to continue into future generations.
They don't just focus on the present.
The present comes from the past and builds a better future.
If you're upset with what Phil Robertson says today, you're saying his pappy and grandpappy are wrong too.
He loves his ancestors and isn't going to change his voice of them for you.
Do you love your ancestors?
Or fear their voices?

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