Thursday, February 7, 2013

Terry McAuliffe approves of this message

Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling bowed out the Republican contest for the 2013 gubernatorial nod in December, leaving Ken Cuccinelli as the candidate to face Democrat Terry McAuliffe.
But Bolling hasn't closed the door on running as an Independent.
It's hard to give up your desire for higher office, but Bolling needs to end the speculation.
Two words.
Romney lost.
Bolling chaired the Romney campaign in Virginia. Romney lost the state in November.
If Romney had won, life would be much better for Bolling.
But he lost.
If Romney's style of governing didn't woo Virginia voters, will Bolling's similar style?
Especially when we already have a Republican candidate.
If Romney win could have moved Gov. Bob McDonnell to Washington and put Bolling in the governor's mansion - and the driver's seat.
It didn't happen that way.
Cuccinelli energizes part of the party and drives Democrats absolutely crazy. He will be a powerful candidate.
Maybe he should have waited his turn behind Bolling.
But Barack Obama didn't. It doesn't always work that way in politics.
A Bolling run makes it more likely Obama's man McAuliffe would win in November.
Bolling wouldn't want to be remembered for that.

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