Friday, February 22, 2013

Counting the cost

Time has a lengthy story by Steve Brill on the drivers for higher health care.
Except for explaining why things cost so much.
There's snark about high salaries of administrators.
Lots of praise for how Medicare curtails its costs.
A few mentions of tort reform - then back to attacking the medical profession.
Lobbyists get a share of blame - too bad government is too weak to bring prices down.
The "chargemaster" gets the bigger share of abuse. It's the way hospitals decide to charge for their various services.
No where does the government say a peep about the "chargemaster" making prices too high.
The article thinks cutting the prices of medical care would help our budget woes.
But prices have been rising for years, and nothing from government has slowed the movement.
What makes them think Obamacare will make things different?

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