Monday, February 18, 2013

Guns are dangerous. So are criminals

Over at Ace, a good look at gun safety - from a writer who knows guns from his youth.
First - should there be more warnings about guns being dangerous?
Where would you put it?
The outside of the box, inside of the box and manual are littered with warnings about the risk of death or injury from unsafe handling practices. Also, the gun store where I bought it has safety instructions printed on the receipt and you're required to sign a statement that you've read and understand them in order to take possession of the firearm.
Once someone has waded through all this, is one more form of warning really going to do any good?
The problem with gun control efforts now is gun control efforts of the past.
I can personally attest to how hard Massachusetts makes lawful purchase and possession of firearms. As a matter of fact, they do virtually all of the things Frum suggested in his column, from requiring locked storage at home to promulgation of "approved firearms rosters" defining what guns can and can't be sold here under the guise of consumer safety.
These laws were made by people who know as little about guns as Frum and ignored all the advice of people who know vastly more. That this has failed to produce the intended results should come as no surprise.

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