Saturday, July 21, 2012

Top flight home-schooling

Want to know how top athletes can succeed at home schooling? CNNSI has the story of a Houston student who you'll see in Division I soon - Justin Jackson.
For critics who think home schooling might be the easy path to the NCAA, think again.
But as students get older and classes get more advanced, the timeline of the curriculum begins to resemble that of a college course. Jackson participates in a co-op, which means that he meets with a group at a church for two days each week. Teachers come in, give lectures and hand out assignments for the coming week. It's a schedule that Sharon believes will help prepare her son for the rigors of receiving a college education.
"We think it is preparing him for college because he understands what he has to get done before he can do the other fun things," she says. "It's a matter of priority. You need to get these things done, and he's adapted to that. It's something that me and my husband don't even worry about at this point when he goes to college because he understands that concept of prioritizing his class work."

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