Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Facebook election

The other day, I posted on Facebook the great photo of footprints in the sand - one set of footprints where Obama carried you.
My friend commented - Hey Mike, where do you really stand? ;-)
Whether they agree on not, people could see what I thought on the issue.
After the Colorado shootings, some people I've friended had gun control type posts on Facebook. I don't agree with the thought, but understand how they think.
Facebook will offer a great window into the 2012 election. There are people you may not talk politics with, but you can easily see their preferences through their Facebook feeds.
The Obama team hopes to use data found to convince undecided voters to go their way.
If you're undecided, how will you feel to have friends trying to push you one way or another on a "friend site?"
For those who've decided, Facebook will be like TV ads - something to ignore. That will be hard, but can be done.
For the undecided, you're going to be hiding from TV - and maybe some pushy friends.

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