Sunday, July 15, 2012

Convention panic

How confident does the Obama campaign feel about it's chances?
The polls are close, but it feels they are stressed about getting blown out. Their actions seem to show bad news under the surface.
Instapundit features two interesting emails about Saturday's visit to Northern Virginia.
In one of the key parts of a key state, they use a high school venue - and have out-of-state supporters to fill the crowd.
Do they realize how weak their support is, compared to 2008?
I think they do.
When they gather in Charlotte for the convention, will they fill the football stadium for the final night? If not, how bad will the pictures look compared to 2008?
In 2008 at Denver, they wanted more people to have a chance to share in the excitement - part of the historic theme.
In 2012, it's the second time around. Not as exciting. A lot harder to bring a large enough crowd.
Empty seats in the stadium on Sept. 6 will reinforce the flailing campaign theme.
The campaign probably knows now they won't fill the stadium.
And it's too late to change the venue.
Or change the theme that will doom the campaign.

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