Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traveling with tween boys

I took the boys to visit their grandparents at the Outer Banks for the weekend.
This was the first trip where they began noticing the billboards on the 60-mile trek from the North Carolina line to the shore.
They really liked ads for these two businesses:
Try My Nuts
Dirty Dicks Crab House
I explained to the boys that some businesses try to catch your eye with interesting names. They giggled.
The oldest wondered if some employee would just say "Don't you think the name is inappropriate?" But they are the ones we remember. And that I'm writing about.


The Maximum Leader said...

Ah yes. Dirty Dicks. I stopped there once many moons ago. The crabs were okay. A little oversteamed and they were "light."

Dan said...

Yes, you knwo you are on the final stretch to the Outer Banks on Rt 158 when you see those billboards.

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