Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Make Junior Read Accurately

Happy Father's Day from the spotlight blog over at No Sheeples Here.
I've been busy doing fatherly things as summer vacation gets going, so it will be a short roundup.
Pat remembers her dad in a special roundup.
Smitty brings the big FMJRA roundup while prepping a double-dose of Rule 5 Sunday. What a way to spend your Father's Day.
Camp of the Saints says one of these things is not like the others.
The Daley Gator keeps you up on the news.
Raising Homemakers looks at making important impressions on your children.
Little Miss Attila looks at the otter-side of life.
Pundette takes a music break.
Troglopundit checks on the latest banking news.
Naked Villiany has a word for the day.
Dustbury looks at self-promotion. Hey, he won an Okie Award, so you should check his blog out.
Virginia Right has undergone a makeover, and Legal Insurrection is about to take the plunge.
Eye of Polyphemus ranks the Star Wars movies. How big is the gap between number 3 and 4?
Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Help your friends, tell them you care and keep ahead of trouble.

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Anonymous said...

There is not a huge gap between ROTJ and ROTS, but there isa huge gap between the latter and the other two prequels.