Monday, June 7, 2010

If you like the oil spill, you'll love health care reform

NRO's Corner highlights the New York Times article on the government responses in the Gulf of Mexico.
Or lack of response. Or one group trying to follow their rules while another tried to solve the problem.
In one stark example of government disputes, internal e-mail messages from the minerals agency obtained by The Times reveal a heated debate over whether to ignore some federal environmental laws about gas emissions in an effort to speed the drilling of relief wells.
One agency official, Michael Tolbert, warned colleagues on April 24 that emissions of nitrous oxide from the well were “pretty far over the exemption level,” an issue that his colleague Tommy Broussard said could result in “BP wasting time” on environmental safeguards in a way that would be “completely stupid.”
But a third colleague, Elizabeth Peuler, intervened to demand that the agency take “no shortcuts.”

Sorry, Democrats, you just can't help it. You're way of dealing with health care will likely be the same. When it comes down to helping people or following your rules, you'll lean toward the rules. Because it's what you know. What makes you important.
May not make sense, but it pays the bills.

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