Saturday, July 22, 2017

The media's problem

The media dislikes President Trump.
But is their dislike causing them more trouble than it's causing Trump?
Everything they do, they do as a herd – even when it’s running headlong over a cliff.
Then he compares Trump to comedic icon Rodney Dangerfield.
It’s about legitimacy, of course, and what’s left of the respectable press is utterly captivated by the theme. It completely defines their war on Trump, for example. They know what a politician is supposed to look like and act like and sound like; they know that Trump does not conform to those rules; and they react to him as a kind of foreign object jammed rudely into their creamy world, a Rodney Dangerfield defiling the fancy country club.
Dangerfield got no respect, and playing that game got him a long career.

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