Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dealmaking in a land of no compromise

The travails of the House and Senate dealing with Obamacare show the weakness in President Trump's way of governing.
You can't make deal with people who won't compromise.
Democrats won't compromise - Obamacare's good ideas are ours and problems due to Republicans.
Republicans won't compromise - at least enough won't to prevent a deal.
For both sides, no compromise benefits them.
Trumps used to deals where both sides benefit from getting a deal done.
Democrats think they'll benefit if they don't deal with Trump on anything.
Thus stalemate.
That costs all of us.

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Citizen Tom said...

The basic conundrum posed by a republican form government is that compromise is an absolute necessity. When there is no dictator with the power to declare this is how it will be, then thru their representatives the people have to get together and strike a deal. This is why we have to share a common set of values. Unless we share similar values -- goals for living -- we will have little basis for making any deals.

Too many of the people we send to Congress these days go there with the intention of bringing home the bacon. The donor finance their campaigns with the prospect of a reward. No bacon. No donations. Thus, these people conceive of only one form of compromise. You scratch my back. I scratch yours. What that means in practice is allowing each other to steal ever more money and power from the American people.

Why do we let them get away with it? They buy us off with Social Security, Medicare, free education for our kiddies, welfare, and so forth.

Therefore, Trump has no choice except to seek real compromise. Unless, he can achieve it, he cannot save our republic. Unfortunately, Trump has to work with the people we send to DC.

We have work to do, not Trump. Our problem is that we must actually elect public officials who are interested in finding a basis for true compromise. We must also convince the people who are already in DC that if they don't work with Trump, we ain't voting for them again.