Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wasted endorsement

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has come out with an early endorsement - Gary Johnson for president.
The endorsement ends with some wishful thinking.
These are unsettling times. Americans across the political spectrum worry that our once-great institutions no longer work in the interests of the people — and sometimes don’t work at all. Why not take this chance to reject the binary choice between Clinton and Trump that was created by our two-party system? We strongly urge the debate commission to invite Johnson onto the stage to give voters an opportunity to hear his positions, to evaluate his temperament, and, perhaps most important, to compare him with the candidates nominated by the two traditional parties.
Sorry, but most voters look at just the two major parties.
When Johnson doesn't make the debates in three weeks, his door slams shut.
It's either Trump or Hillary, like it or not.

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