Friday, September 9, 2016

Hillary lost the election in January 2009

I want to get ahead of the curve.
Sure, Hillary appears to have a lead now.
But it's fading.
A few more debates and then the Trump landslide?
Hillary's email decision in January 2009.
Simple and easy to understand.
Everybody who votes uses email.
They have rules for email at their work.
They know they have to follow those rules.
Hillary bent the State Department rules to set up her own system.
She wanted to keep her private stuff out of the State Department email.
But when you're Secretary of State, everything you do is part of your official job.
Her work bled over into the private system.
If, after years in the public eye in Arkansas and Washington, she could choose this email path, it makes you wonder.
What other rules would she bend as president?
You can fear Trump for not acting like you think a president should.
You fear Hillary that she'll act like she always has as president.

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