Tuesday, September 13, 2016

This is how you do it

Orioles' pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez officially became an American citizen Monday.
He's been in professional baseball in the United States for many years.
But no shortcuts becoming a citizen.
The process took him five years.
“It’s a great experience,” he said. “It’s a process you have to go through that takes a long time, and then when you finally get it, it’s an amazing feeling.”
“I’ve been part of this country since I was 19 years old, and this country has given me the opportunity to be a better person, not only for me, but for my family. I think even back in my country, I’ve been able to help a lot of people for the opportunity this country has given me.
“It’s something you don’t have any doubt in your mind that you want to do this.”

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