Saturday, July 2, 2016

Talking points time

The New York Times' report on Hillary Clinton's meeting with the FBI makes for interesting reading.
They follow the talking points.
Second paragraph starts - The voluntary interview.
That's how the Clinton campaign wanted it called.
But if it was voluntary, why wait until now?
She could have volunteered to talk months ago.
The FBI wasn't ready to hear her story until they had a better idea of the true story.
Later, there's a note of about "None of the emails on Mrs. Clinton’s private server were marked classified at the time they were sent or received."
Who knows if that's true or not?
The FBI.
Who has pushed the idea that no classified information was involved in the email server?
Team Clinton.
If the Clinton side of the story was totally true, there's be no need for today's interview.
They wouldn't have needed to talk with Hillary Clinton. The agents have better things to do on the Fourth of July weekend.
But defending our nation is their job, and that job doesn't take a holiday.

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